Early entry trading signals for cryptocurrency trading based on analytical data. (50%+ average trade profitability).


who we are

We are a small team of five members who love researching, analysing, and trading cryptocurrencies. Two of our members analyse for profitable trades, and three members handle support services.

what we do

We research, analyse, and advise with concrete signals for profitable trading on various established exchanges.

here are some of our best results

XRP - Ripple - Poloniex

buy signal at: 0.00000550
sell signal at: 0.0002500
profit: 4400%

XEM - NEM - Poloniex

buy signal at: 0.000009
sell signal at: 0.00009
profit: 900%

STRAT - STRATIS - Poloniex

buy signal at: 0.00008
sell signal at: 0.003
profit: 3900%

STR - STELLAR - Poloniex

buy signal at: 0.0000022<
sell signal at: 0.000006
profit: 172.7%

SC - SiaCoin - Poloniex

buy signal at: 0.0000004
sell signal at: 0.000022
profit: 340%


buy signal at: 0.000035
sell signal at: 0.0003
profit: 757.14%

get in touch

If you are interested in joining our private trading channel to make profits with our service, please fill out the contact form. Use a real email address, and we will send you a return email after you get in touch :) Please check your spam folder as well. The price to join our service is 0.06BTC for a 1 year membership. From january 1st we ask for 0.1BTC for 1 year.

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